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In real estate, a customer is a buyer of a house, a tenant of an apartment, a renter of a house, a customer of a service, or a person who comes to a business. Each of these buyers has his…

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Buy to invest: how to make money in real estate?

Investing in stone has been an excellent investment, and still is, especially in London and the south-east of the country, where many people buy detached homes without seeing them (especially those who buy from abroad). Visit for more information…

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All about the purchase contracts

If the parties do not sign agreements at the time of purchase If the seller and the buyer do not write a contract or agree on what applies to the purchase, the provisions of the law apply. Instead, the parties…

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How to choose a good real estate agent?

What to consider before buying a property? During the real estate purchase, the emotional aspect is a fundamental parameter. It is the charm of the region and its surroundings that first attract the future buyer. Visit for more about…

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Property rights in England

The procedure of accession to the real estate property differs much from that which we know in France. England knows no equivalent to our notarial system. Approximately 95% of sales are made by solicitors (customary law attorneys writing private deed)…

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Real estate sectors in which to invest in Europe

As we have seen with the examples of management above, beyond the choice of the country or countries in which to invest, the sector is also crucial and needs to be adapted to your investment strategy and your risk aversion….

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Invest in England: is investing in England a good idea?

When we talk about investing in stone, we often think of buying near home – me first! This is the case when investment management is active, or semi-active. This requires knowledge, capital and also time when investing in this way….

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Three factors that affect real estate sales

Think quickly about what helped you choose to invest in real estate like for your vacation home. Was it its geographical location? The proximity of the forest, the sea or rather sports complexes? Do you have children or grandchildren, can…

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Real Estate Consultant vs Real Estate Agent

A consultant usually advises clients on investment opportunities in the real estate market. A real estate agent helps clients buy or sell properties. Both occupations usually require a business card that can only be obtained after satisfying a set of…

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