Buy a property

Buy a property in England

Procedure and negotiation Property rights in England are very different from property rights in Latin countries. If you want to acquire a property across the Channel, you will have to respect an acquisition procedure that differs slightly from the one…

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Tips to keep in mind when you buy a property

Prepare well for the purchase of a property, an unbroken area or a portion of a property’s quota. Before the closing date Always check the speed and gravity certificate. Ask the seller to provide you with this proof or order…

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Buying or selling a condominium

Buying a condominium Buying a condominium does not mean you buy an apartment as such, without buying a share of an economic association. This means that you buy the right to use an apartment belonging to this association of tenants…

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Tips you need to know before buying an apartment

Use all channels The first reflex when looking for a home is to do it on the internet. The supply of housing is abundant in addition to the ability to filter the results according to specific criteria and according to…

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