Think quickly about what helped you choose to invest in real estate like for your vacation home. Was it its geographical location? The proximity of the forest, the sea or rather sports complexes? Do you have children or grandchildren, can their hobbies also influence your purchase decision? Or was it just the house itself and its potential that attracted you?

The reasons can be many, and also very different depending on the buyer and properties that interest him. Here are some of them:

Location of the property

When talking to a real estate agency about buying a holiday home, it is obvious that you should stress the importance of the property’s location. The proximity of the property from the city center, urban areas, transportation, pharmacies, supermarkets, leisure is absolutely crucial. The surroundings are also an important factor when buying, for example, the economic and commercial activity in the house’s neighborhood. Sale prices are very different from a city to another as well, as we can notice at, a website offering houses and apartments for sale in different British cities…

Surface of the property

The surface is a fundamental parameter directly impacting the price of the property. The larger is the surface, the higher is the price, and as always in real estate, the surface of the house is expressed in square meters. Of course, this obviously includes the surface of a garden or any other land appended to the property. Consulting a local real estate agent is necessary to quantify the price of a property according to its surface and those of different parts that compose it.

State of the property

The condition of a building is not the most important factor when it comes to evaluating a property, but it affects it to a certain extent. For this reason, it is always important that anyone considering selling their vacation home devote time and energy to renovating and repairing certain flaws. It is especially important to repair leaks if there are any; rid the house of mold in all wet areas such as basements. It is worthwhile to spend time and money on this type of work, otherwise it will be difficult to sell the house in such a state.