A consultant usually advises clients on investment opportunities in the real estate market. A real estate agent helps clients buy or sell properties. Both occupations usually require a business card that can only be obtained after satisfying a set of conditions.

Real estate consulting companies

Real estate consulting firms provide research, analysis and advisory services to clients such as real estate developers, investment banks, mortgage lenders, building materials manufacturers, builders and real estate investors. Some consultants provide services to many types of businesses or investors, while others specialize in a particular type of client. As a consultant, you can work for a company that already provides these services or create your own.

Role of the consultant

As a consultant, your services depend on the type of client, the nature of his projects and the objectives he wants to achieve. For example, a real estate developer may need to know the viability of building a new Strip Plaza, while an investment bank may want to diversify into real estate investments. After learning about the client's goals, an action plan must be developed to reach them. For the real estate developer, for example, your research may include site visits, meetings with city officials and local real estate professionals, as well as secondary research to compile data that provides trend guidance. more general aspects of regional real estate development.

Real estate agent

Real estate agents are professionals who help clients buy or sell property. He can advise both individuals and companies. When a buyer wants to visit a property, the real estate agent informs the seller. He helps him manage the examination of offers and counter-offers and finalizes the agreements on behalf of the seller. The agent is remunerated via a commission agreed with the seller and deducted from the transaction amount.

Real estate agent and looking for properties to buy

One of the main responsibilities in this registry is to help the client to look for properties that meet their needs and budget. This real estate professional also advises his client by providing him with all possible data on the properties he has visited and directs him towards the best. In addition, the real estate agent prepares the offers to purchase to the different owners and negotiates on behalf of its customers to make them benefit from the best purchase prices.