Prepare well for the purchase of a property, an unbroken area or a portion of a property's quota.

Before the closing date

  • Always check the speed and gravity certificate. Ask the seller to provide you with this proof or order it yourself.
  • Familiarize yourself with the object of the purchase; discover its limits and the condition of the buildings.
  • The supervision of the buildings of the municipality provides more information on building permits and planning.
  • Purchase price real estate registers as stipulated by the National Land Survey of Finland, you will receive information on the prices of completed real estate purchases. If you wish, you can compare the pricing tasks with the property you buy. You can obtain information on the purchase of individual

Conclusion of a sale

  • Establishment of the purchase letter
  • With the seller, you can establish the purchase letter in the real estate transfer service. The purchase letter may also be in writing.
  • Both parties must then be present at the signing, when the purchase is confirmed by a witness of the purchase
  • The municipality may have pre-emption rights on a purchase. The right of first refusal is in force three months after the closing date.
  • Register your property, that is, you will request a security within six months of signing the purchase letter. At the same time, you can apply for a mortgage.
  • When the property title has been registered in the register, the cutting of the unbroken area, that is the formation of a new property, begins automatically.