Use all channels

The first reflex when looking for a home is to do it on the internet. The supply of housing is abundant in addition to the ability to filter the results according to specific criteria and according to your needs. But of that does not prevent that good opportunities can easily escape you. Therefore, it is also better to take the trouble to ask friends and colleagues if they know of an apartment to rent or buy or to inquire directly with real estate agencies.

You must be active

If you do not want to wait for the right offer to slip into your hands, it is imperative to activate. To do this, start by creating accounts on various real estate advertising platforms on the Internet. Then do not hesitate to publish requests containing information such as the area of ​​the property sought, the preferred location and the maximum rent. Then just wait for offers to reach you and see if they interest you.

Be quick and personally contact the owner or broker

If you have found an apartment with the desired criteria via an online ad, you must react quickly. Given the high demand, it can happen that hundreds or even thousands of postulants respond immediately to the announcement, which can be turned off a few hours later. Therefore, do not waste time and dial the number in the ad to arrange with the owner or broker an appointment for the visit.

Prepare in advance the documents needed to sign the contract

It is best to bring with you all the documents needed to sign the contract. This includes among others the latest payslips. Optionally, you can also request a letter of recommendation from the current owner. Remember, homeowners are interested in the personal situation of potential tenants. For this, it is useful to specify your professional and family situation.

Adjust the search criteria

If, even after months of research, you are unable to find the good that meets your needs, you should review your search criteria and possibly make concessions. Sometimes you just have to go without the bathtub or the balcony and the chances of finding an apartment increase.

Leave a good impression during the visit

If you have made an appointment for the visit, you must be well prepared. Similar to a job interview, you can already ask yourself questions that you want to ask the broker or owner. What is the surface of the basement, where is the nearest supermarket and who lives in the house? Anyone who expresses their interest in the apartment leaves a better impression than the one who silently leaves all the rooms or even grumbles in the apartment. In addition to sufficient income, attracting sympathy and having the right behavior is essential to convincing the landlord that you are the ideal tenant. So come at the appointed time, and dress properly Moreover, you must bring all the documents justifying your financial situation and your income.

Keep in touch with the broker or owner

Even if the rental process has not been successful, you can ask the broker or owner if they have similar properties to rent or sell. And if this is not the case at this time, you can ask him to inform you if an apartment is available.