Do you want to rent an apartment as soon as possible? You will obtain information on the conditions defined by many real estate agencies, concerning leases and rents in major French cities.

Preselecting on the Internet

Renting an apartment in France is complex. However, there are a number of useful real estate sites on the Internet where you can search for homes all over France and get an overview of the real estate market.

Rent an apartment through real estate agencies

In France, it is particularly common to find and rent an apartment without going directly through the owner, but through a real estate agency. This usually ensures that the apartment has been checked in advance for defects and those renovations or repairs have already been made. On the other hand, these are mostly agencies that are scattered throughout France and are very strict about the choice of tenants.

Requirements for the future tenant

The tenant must already have a bank account in France. It is also very important that you already have a French employment contract, even if it is only a temporary contract. Your monthly salary must be included. Normally, a tenant must earn three times or more the monthly rent. In most cases, a guarantor is required. Its main role is to ensure the payment of rents if the tenant does not do it and to assume any mistakes and excesses.

The guarantor

A condition is problematic for some foreigners wanting to rent an apartment in France. It is the need for the guarantor to reside in France and pay his taxes for the previous year. A number of real estate agencies also make the condition that the guarantor earns at least three times the rental price in question if he owns or even 4 times in other cases. If the guarantor lives in cohabitation, it is sufficient if the total monthly income of the household is equal to three or four times the rent.

Rent an apartment at an individual or take out special insurance

What can you do if you cannot earn enough money or find a guarantor in France? In this case, it is possible to search for housing advertisements from private owners and to get along with them personally on a solution. There are also special insurances in France that can be subscribed in advance as tenants and recognized by real estate agencies instead of a sufficiently high salary and a guarantor. What is the easiest and most profitable for you personally should be carefully considered and clarified in advance.


Leases with real estate agencies often last for three years. Early termination is normally possible with at least three months' notice.

Rentals in the main French cities

Rental rates in most major French cities are comparable to the rental prices of major German cities such as Cologne, Stuttgart or Hamburg - with the exception of Paris, most people can only afford one apartment rental in the suburbs. A concrete example can be found in a large city like Toulouse, in the immediate vicinity of the city center, a two-room apartment of 52 square meters with parking for 640 euros per month. In addition, additional charges are to be expected.