The basic rule is to choose the location of the property, besides; here are the best areas of London. We recommend our customers to choose a neighborhood and a property in which they themselves would live, close to transport, of course. The well-placed apartments with one or two bedrooms are easily rented in London. Bright, out of base, less than 10 minutes from a metro ... we cannot go wrong! Three categories of goods do the trick:

For the heart stroke, the buildings "Period"

These typical houses, often in red brick, are home to cozy and comfortable apartments, with all the charm of the old. West Hampstead, Kentish Town, Tufnell Park, Belsize Park are popular neighborhoods, as close to French colleges and high schools. Be careful, there is often some refreshment or maintenance work to be done.

For performance, the "Purpose-Built"

These buildings often date from the years 1980-1990. They are not necessarily very aesthetic from the outside, but against very functional and with large volumes. They cost less to buy, the charges are reasonable and it is the solution that guarantees the best returns.

For tranquility, the new!

Investors choose the new one to be quiet (no work). But beware, the entrance ticket usually costs 20% more than the old for the same area, and the charges are more important: janitor, gardener, and residence services ... (often in the range of £ 3,000 at £ 4,000 a year for a small apartment). More than the return, we must also look at the value of real estate in the medium term, just to make a nice gain in resale. For those who favor capital appreciation, we recommend investing in rapidly changing neighborhoods. Look at Shoreditch, Bethnal Green, Mile End, Bow or Willesden Green. Still accessible neighborhoods that are transforming and will grow in the years to come, just like Highbury and Wembley.

The best Neighborhoods of London

Every neighborhood in London has small nuggets. So far, we list the best addresses in each neighborhood. We only reveal our secrets to our clients to facilitate their integration into their new neighborhood; a priority of French Touch Properties. We've changed our minds since then and decided to give you some of our best addresses in London, listed below. These lists are updated as soon as we discover an exceptional novelty. Sign up for our newsletter "My life in London" so you do not miss the next nuggets. Enter your name and your email here. With its 33 districts, "boroughs", London has the chance to offer a multitude of different atmospheres. We appreciate both the buzz of Marylebone and the residential charm of Ealing. Each consultant lives in a particular neighborhood, which allows us to find you not only a beautiful property but also to open our address book selected over our years of expatriation (more than 50 years of living together in London for the team).