The feeling of creating your own home for the first time is priceless. Better yet, if you also look at what applies.

Make a simple budget

Living at home often involves higher costs than you think first. In addition to rent or fees and the cost of home equipment in furniture, kitchen equipment and other amenities, many costs are added that you have to pay every month or quarter. Examples of operating costs are home insurance, Internet / telephone, television, bus card, cell phone, food and perhaps a training card. Then there are expenses for clothes, toiletries and cleaning and finally a little pleasure from time to time. With a budget, you will see how much you receive each month when you have paid for everything you need.

Subscribe home insurance

Home insurance is one of the few things you absolutely must have when you leave home. Home insurance protects, among other things, if your belongings are stolen or broken and if you happen to ruin something that belongs to someone else. Home insurance also protects normally when traveling. When you buy home insurance, you must specify the value of your property (furniture). It is important that you take the time to calculate the exact amount so that it is not too low, because it is the amount you can get if everything you own, for example, would be destroyed in a fire. On the other hand, if you set too high, you risk paying high fees (premium). . If you have bought your home, it may also be useful to supplement home insurance or a home insurance policy.

Electricity Company at home

To have access to electricity at home, you must have two different agreements. You sign one with the company that manages the electrical network of your place of residence. The second time you sign with electricity company that delivers electricity itself - you can choose both the supplier and the contract here. You buy electricity at a fixed or variable price. The best choice depends on the amount of electricity consumed and the evolution of the electricity market over time. It may be good to know that you almost always make an active choice because otherwise you will automatically get a "permanent contract" which is usually more expensive.