Moving or relocating your family and activities to another country may seem like an insurmountable task. But if you have a precise list of what you need to do, a move abroad is not necessarily so stressful. You can obviously opt for the services of a consultant or an agent specializing in relocation. But usually these people offer very expensive services. For those of you who wish to avoid significant costs when you move to the UK, we have compiled a series of helpful tips to help you plan and plan your installation. One of the great strengths of Britain is that, unlike some of its European neighbors, bureaucracy is reduced to a bare minimum. Most applications, if you speak English, are extremely easy to set up by phone or email. The other good thing is that people are normally extremely polite and friendly (as long as you are nice to them!). There is a true culture of communication: most of your questions will be dealt with immediately !

Moving to the UK: Finding accommodation

Housing is still at the top of the list of priorities: if you are happy at home in France, a move can often be traumatic. The best way to find your property is to go to UK real estate agencies. You can search for what you want to rent, what you want / can pay for, and what neighborhoods you are interested in. The sites will propose you a list of properties according to your criteria. You can check for more about apartments for rent. Another tip is to search Google realtors in your destination city and send them your wishes directly by email. Also make sure that you consider additional costs to cover real estate agent fees. If you have seen a property that you like and you want to prevent others from visiting it, the real estate agent will ask you for a "detention deposit". This type of charge costs between £ 100 and £ 200. This money will normally be deducted from your first rent when your contract starts. Warning: this deposit is non-refundable if you choose not to go further with the rental chosen; you will not be able to recover your money. Be 100% sure that this accommodation is for you. In addition to this, there is also a fee of approximately £ 100 for the drafting of the lease contract (depending on its duration) and approximately six weeks' rent on bail. In Britain, the credit check is an institution. This usually costs between £ 50 and £ 100 per person. The "credit check" is an approach with organizations verifying that you are not in debt or that you are not filed for unpaid. This can sometimes be problematic for people who have never lived in the UK because credit check is not possible without antecedent! However, if you are able to pay at least three months in advance or provide a joint and several guarantee in the United Kingdom, you will normally be able to work around this difficulty. Once you get your lease, you will then be able to start setting up your electricity or telephone contracts (and once these services are in place, you will be able to get a bank account).

Moving to the UK: Services

Finding companies to provide you with gas, electricity, water, telephone or internet is your next priority. Indeed, having this type of service allows you to have bills in your name and thus navigate more easily in the British system. If you rent a property, there will normally be services already in place. It will be better to ask your landlord or real estate agent for the names and contact information of these suppliers. Very often, these services will have been blocked or stopped when the last tenant left, so you will need to contact the provider to renew or transfer your services.

UK government plan to help small businesses

You have to check the relevant websites that may help you choose a doctor, find information about service providers, or how to sign up for the settlement of your taxes. Finally, we have also tried to cover all important topics such as moving and transporting, opening a bank account, the rules and regulations for taking your pets, visas, taxes or even more like how to pay your TV fee in England. There are so many things to consider when traveling abroad that some will only come to mind when you arrive in your new country. Thanks to our list, you will not be caught off guard and can budget your move before your departure. So without further ado see how you can start your new life in the UK...